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How to you feel about your current blood glucose control?

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SugoSure Patient Story: Patient 1

M was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes nearly two decades ago but felt that he had never really got things under control. For many years his attitude was This is life, I have to accept what life gives me”. 

Today, as a result of advances in medicine’s understanding of diabetes, M is much more aware that he can play an active role in keeping his diabetes under control.   

When he was offered the opportunity to beta test SugoSure, M felt this was a chance to kickstart the changes he had been intending to make.  At his stage of diabetes, a significant number of patients have needed to start insulin treatment – something which M really wanted to avoid.   

M knew he needed to make lifestyle changes – both improving his diet to lose weight and increasing physical activity.  With SugoSure, M found the structure and support he needed to make these changes.  

M found SugoSure’s Lifestyle Plan very useful as it gave him a regimen to follow, “a kick in the butt to get me going”.  He has been so successful in making changes that he now feels uncomfortable when he misses his walks!  

M says his SugoSure health coach has also been instrumental in his journey.  

“I have had diabetes for so long, it is difficult to keep motivated. I need someone to be accountable to, someone to guide and motivate me. Mui Lan tells me she is monitoring my activity so I make sure I hit the targets she has set for me in my Lifestyle Plan.  Mui Lan regularly reviews M’s diet and activity as logged into SugoSure and gives him relevant advice on how to eat more healthily.   

Before starting SugoSure, M monitored his blood glucose infrequently and irregularly.  SugoSure’s monitoring protocols have taught M the importance of setting and tracking progress vs targets for diabetes.  Graphs and indicators in the app show M’s progress and highlight any deviation from targets.  Both the app and M’s health coach also provide timely suggestions on how to get back on target if things aren’t going so well. 

Self-management of diabetes requires a good understanding of the impact of specific food and lifestyle choices on blood glucose.  M felt that this was another of SugoSure’s benefits: "SugoSure gives me the data and knowledge to help me improve my understanding of diabetes and how to control it."  

M’s high expectations of SugoSure, coupled with his own motivation to change, led M to follow SugoSure’s regimen closely.  This has produced spectacular results: M’s HbA1c dropped by 1.4% after 3 months using SugoSure, far exceeding targets and reaching levels similar to non-diabetics.  In his first 3 months M lost more than 5kg in weight and increased his average daily steps from less than 5000 to more than 15,000. 

It is now 9 months since M started SugoSure.  Despite a challenging environment due to Covid-19, M has continued to make steady progress and has now lost 15kg since starting SugoSure.  M’s blood glucose control remains very good and he sustains his improved lifestyle, which he is now fine-tuning through SugoSure’s advanced monitoring protocols.  His doctor has reduced his medication dosage as a result of his improved lifestyle so M’s fears of progressing to insulin may now prove groundless.  

"Previously I didn't have tools like SugoSure and I was less aware of the importance of managing my diabetes well - I was just going along in life.  Now with SugoSure, I have the tools and support to get things under control.  I am more conscious of what I need to do and I make a concerted effort to achieve my goals.”  

SugoSure Patient Story: Patient 2 

When G was first diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, he was confident he could self-manage.  He was familiar with the condition as his father had long-standing type 2 diabetes and his sister had gestational diabetes when she was pregnant. 

But after struggling to get his blood glucose under control over the 4 years since he was diagnosedthings were starting to get him down.  G didn't understand why his blood glucose was still high when he thought he was doing everything right: he is mainly vegetarian, never ate sweets, didn't have sugar in his tea and yet his BG readings were still high.  

G was also anxious that he might end up like his father, who has various complications from long-standing diabetes.  How worrying and frustrating could things be?  

One approach was to deny that things were not fully controlled.  At one stage G even convinced himself that his glucometer was not working properly! 

But in his heart G knew that he couldn’t put the blame on his glucometer – he had to do something about his own lifestyle.  The question was ‘what’? 

“My diabetes was not under control even though I felt that I was doing everything right. I was at a loss and stressed about it. I want to get it under control!" 

The major culprit was G’s diet.  It wasn't until he started using SugoSure that G realised his food choices were not as healthy as he thought. As his wife and family live in India, he ate out a lot and felt this limited his ability to improve his diet. 

Starting SugoSure was an eye opener for G.  He had to log his food through the app twice a week by either taking pictures or searching for the correct item in SugoSure’s 3000+ food item database.  That seemed like a hassle but once he started logging, G began to understand the value of the feedback this gave him - in particular SugoSure's blood glucose graphs and food diary. 

His health coach helped him to interpret this data and provided further advice on diet, activity and other aspects of his lifestyle.  This support helped G make needed changes and at the same time helped rebuild G’s confidence. 

"SugoSure has helped me understand the effect of diet and activity on my blood glucose and weight.  It has helped me take control of my diabetes." 

Another effect of SugoSure which G noticed was a change in the relationship with his doctor: "My doctor visits were more productive as we could easily identify my BG variability and discuss it at my appointments’ 

In addition to using SugoSure’s data to have more interactive consultationsG’s doctor also accessed his data in between visits to guide adjustments to medication.  G felt this more closely-monitored approach to diabetes care was another benefit of SugoSure. 

In his first 3 months use of SugoSure G lost nearly 1kg and increased daily steps from around 5000 to 7500 while his diet showed significant improvement.  G’s HbA1c also dropped a full % point from 8.3% at the start to 7.3% after 3 months. 

Based on SugoSure’s questionnaire-based scoring system, G had been quite distressed about his inability to bring his diabetes under control at the start.  After 3 months he showed a very significant drop in distress as a result of the education and support SugoSure provided. 

It is now 9 months since G started SugoSure and he has continued to make gradual steady progress.  He has continued to log his food (now including more detailed approaches such as post-meal monitoring) and has started working with a dietitian specialized in Indian foods.  He has managed to increase activity to an average of 10,000 steps daily and has steadily lost weight: he is now 7kg lighter than at the start of the Beta Test.  His latest HbA1c was 6.7% so he has also reached his target for glycaemic control. 

"I am very happy that SugoSure has improved my health and diabetic control. My HbA1c has improved, my activity has increased, I am monitoring more and I have a healthier diet. I now know what I have to do.” 

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SugoSure Patient Story: Patient 4 

LT was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at the age of 35, 4 years before she tried SugoSure. Although she was aware of the potential complications of diabetes, in the years following her diagnosis LT paid little attention to her blood glucose control and made few lifestyle changes.   

This was despite her being significantly overweight and having dyslipidaemia (abnormal blood lipid levels) as additional risk factors.  At the start of the Beta Test LT’s Body Mass Index was 43 (vs a target of 23 for healthy weight in Asian populations) and her most recent HbA1c was 8.8%.  She did not own a glucometer and did not self-monitor her blood glucose at all before the Beta Test. 

LT knew that her weight and diet were the main contributors to her poor blood glucose control. She used to have three fast food meals a week, loved drinking regular coke and enjoys going out for meals with friends. 

LT explained that she had a general “c’est la vie” attitude to her diabetes, influenced by her perceptions of peer and social norms regarding the condition.  “You can know about it, but it doesn’t make you want to change.  Many people are like that, I am not alone.  Diabetes is very common these days, many people have it Diabetes - it is just part of my life." 

LT was not however completely worry-free.  One concern was her fear of incurring high medical bills, which she didn’t want to be burdened with in the future.  She also wanted to lose weight to have more options with clothes and feel happier about her image. 

The only reason LT started SugoSure was because her doctor recommended her to enrol in the Beta Test.  This was a decision which would have a major impact on the course of her diabetes. 

Although she was fearful of pricking her finger for blood glucose readings, LT got used to this and valued the reminders and guidance provided by SugoSure since this was her first time she had actively monitored her blood glucose.  LT was also initially unsure that she would be able to log her meals closely enough however found that in practice this wasn’t troublesome. 

Soon, studying her blood glucose graph and food diary became significant motivating factors for LT and she had no problems entering enough data into SugoSure to gain useful feedback in return. 

The SugoSure Patient App enabled LT to track the immediate effect of specific foods on her blood glucose and to check medium-term measures such as her 2-week average.  LT experimented with different types of food and quickly learnt to avoid specific foods which caused blood glucose spikes. 

"In fact, my whole family is benefiting from SugoSure, they are learning from my experiments with food and blood glucose. We are all eating healthier. I feel very good about my diabetes management. I feel like I am succeeding! It is was a nice surprise.” 

LT also had a very positive experience with her health coach"My health coach has helped motivate me to try things out in easy simple steps. I have someone by my side to keep me going." 

She also finds it very helpful that her data is monitored by health coach and doctor since she needs to feel accountable to someone to give her motivation she needs. 

In her first 3 months of SugoSure use LT made steady and significant improvements to her blood glucose control.  In her first month of SugoSure, almost every blood glucose reading logged was above target range.  By the third month, the majority of her readings were within range – thanks to both lifestyle and medication adjustments. As a result LT showed the largest drop in HbA1c of any Beta Test patient: from 8.8% to 6.3% (well below her target of 7%) within just 3 months.  She also lost 5.3kg in weight over this time. 

LT is now in her 8th month of SugoSure use. She continues  to monitor  regularly and has maintained her HbA1c at 6.3%.  She has not been able to lose further weight due to lifestyle  disruptions from Covid-19 but is now trying to refocus on continued weight loss.  

LT has now realised that with some support it doesn’t have to be so hard to take charge of her diabetes.  If she can lose a bit more weight and maintain her currently excellent blood glucose control, LT will very significantly reduce her risk of diabetic complications in the medium-longer term. 

"I would definitely recommend SugoSure as it has helped me and I believe it can help others to change and manage their diabetes."   

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