Use Cases for SugoSure


SugoSure can be used by a wide range of patient types with the following characteristics:

  • Diagnosed Type 2 diabetic
  • On oral medication and/or basal insulin
  • Sub-optimal, poor or very poor glycaemic control with HbA1c generally above 7.0% within the last 6 months
  • Smartphone user / technology literate and owns a recent model iPhone (iPhone 7 or later) or Android phone
  • Motivated to put in some extra effort to log data and adhere to SugoSure's protocols in order to gain better control

Four case studies from Beta Test patients are presented below to illustrate the range of patient types to which SugoSure has been successfully applied.

Other Use Cases

SugoSure is of less use to patients who are already adequately controlled, with HbA1c generally less than 7.0%, although ConnectedHealth is considering developing a version of SugoSure ('SugoSure Lite') for such patients in the future.

SugoSure's protocols are not currently adapted for patients on short- or medium-acting insulin preparations and/or with HbA1c generally >9.0%.  ConnectedHealth is considering developing a version of SugoSure ('SugoSure Plus') for such patients in the future.

A number of patients are using flash glucose monitoring systems such as the Freestyle Libre device.  Currently, SugoSure is not integrated with such systems although ConnectedHealth is working on launching a version of SugoSure in the future which will help patients to interpret data from Freestyle Libre and make lifestyle adjustments with health coach support.

Four Beta Test Case Studies

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Patient 1 Clinical Case Study

Patient 2 Clinical Case Study

Patient 3 Clinical Case Study

Patient 4 Clinical Case Study