Page Header Signing up for SugoSure

ConnectedHealth offers several approaches to helping you to make the right decision about starting SugoSure

Our health coaches and admin staff will help you assess how SugoSure can help you, get you set up for a 2 week trial if requested and guide you through setup of your SugoSure account.

You should first:

  • Review the information shared by email with you
  • Complete the Diabetes Assessment, which comprises 8 short questions answered online (click here).  If you prefer you may go through these questions in your health coach call but we recommend completing the online assessment tool since this provides additional feedback.
  • Schedule a call with one of our health coaches after completing the Diabetes Assessment.  Your health coach will assess your current status and share what a SugoSure plan could look like for you, based on the assessment.

At this point you may choose to either:

  • Register directly for a 3 month period of SugoSure use - advised for patients who have been recommended to use SugoSure by their doctor or who have already decided to try SugoSure
  • Register for a 2-week patient trial - for patients who wish to try SugoSure before committing to a 3-month subscription

If you have questions any time, get in contact with us:

  • Email
  • Request help through our chatbot
  • Message your assigned health coach if you are already in discussions with us
We are here to help!
3 months free use