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Take Control of your Diabetes!

and secure a healthy future for the things that matter most​

Thank you for registering your interest in SugoSure.

To learn more about SugoSure click on the various links shown on this page.  If you have not already done so, take the Diabetes Assessment to find out how SugoSure can help you.

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Then speak with one of our health coaches, who can review the results of your Diabetes Assessment and answer any further questions then set you up for a 2 week free trial.


Using SugoSure

SugoSure helps you with a structured approach to logging blood glucose readings, food, activity and weight then giving you feedback to help you achieve good control.  The app's charts and indicators provide guidance and you will also receive personal support from your health coach, who will be a registered nurse with training in diabetes management.

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If you haven't been actively monitoring your blood glucose you may feel uncertain about knowing when to take blood glucose readings and log your food intake and activity.

SugoSure makes getting this right easy by guiding you through a simple weekly routine set by your doctor and health coach. 

Its reminders will help you get organised while the feedback you receive will help improve your understanding of the effect of lifestyle factors on your blood glucose control.

While getting the most out of SugoSure needs basic commitment to follow the protocols, it needn't be that inconvenient or time consuming. 

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Which Patient Type are You?

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Patients vary dramatically in terms of their blood glucose control but also their fears, worries and stresses.

SugoSure can help a wide range of types of patients with Type 2 diabetes - 

To read how SugoSure helped a patient like you in a true Patient Story from one of four Beta Test patients click here.

Finding a SugoSure Doctor

SugoSure is only available through SugoSure-affiliated physicians who have had training to use the SugoSure system.  SugoSure doctors are progressive physicians who see the benefits of digital health and are interested to use this to deliver better care to their patients.

You may have heard about SugoSure from your doctor, in which case they are already SugoSure-affiliated and you will be able to start SugoSure with minimal fuss once setup is complete.

On the other hand you may have heard about SugoSure through channels other than your doctor - who may not yet be SugoSure-affiliated.  If so, ask him about SugoSure at your next consultation and let us know who is your doctor so that we can discuss with SugoSure affiliation with him/her.

We are rolling out SugoSure in phases across Singapore and at first, not every doctor will be able to deliver SugoSure.  If your doctor has decided not to participate, you might consider switching to another doctor who is SugoSure-affiliated.  Discuss this with your Patient Advisor.

Paying for SugoSure

SugoSure’s digital health service with health coaching is paid for by the patient in 3-monthly subscription blocks, estimated price $30-40 per month billed by ConnectedHealth.

This provides access to the SugoSure app, health coaching and patient support/education.

Your health coach follows strict protocols to run a 2-week Baseline Assessment when you first start SugoSure then develops a 3 month plan which helps you prioritise the changes which are most important.

SugoSure's digital support guides you through the following weeks as you get into the swing of logging your blood glucose, food and activity.  Its graphs, alerts and chatbot help you to better understand the impact of lifestyle factors on your blood glucose and you will soon find your blood glucose readings reflecting the improvements you make to your lifestyle.

SugoSure-affiliated physicians continue to bill patients or their insurers for consultations and medication.  They may also bill for Remote Reviews based on logs generated by SugoSure.