SS Pre-Launch Use Programme

ConnectedHealth continues to invite patients to participate in a Pre-Launch SugoSure Use Programme which provides access to SugoSure at no cost for 3 months until SugoSure's commercial launch in Singapore  around mid 2021.

SugoSure-affiliated doctors are invited to submit patients to this programme in view of:

  • The benefits which a holistic approach to diabetes management is likely to bring to the patient's glycaemic control.
  • The opportunity to gain 3 months' free subscription to a pre-commercial release version of SugoSure with health coaching

If a patient agrees in principle to participate:

  • Pass them a copy of the Patient Leaflet
  • Obtain their permission for you to share their name and mobile number with ConnectedHealth
  • Submit these patient details by email to your ConnectedHealth contact person

If a patient does not wish for their contact details to be shared at this stage, encourage them to register their interest at for further information about the programme.

We will then assess and counsel the patient to ensure they understand how the programme works and are likely to comply sufficiently to benefit. 

ConnectedHealth will also seek patient consent then inform you once this has been obtained. 

Following setup of the patient account, the patient will be able to start.

ConnectedHealth also offers a 2 week Patient Trial with no physician involvement for patients who are considering SugoSure without advice/input from their physician.  The Patient Trial is not applicable for patients referred by physicians.

Patient Selection Guidance

The following guidelines may be used to assess your patient's suitability for SugoSure, although if a patient is motivated and >65 yrs old and adequately tech-savvy they may be considered.

All patients receive pre-consent counselling to ensure fit with the programme.  Guidelines are as follows:

  • On oral medication and/or basal insulin

  • HbA1c within last 6 months generally >7.0%

  • Would benefit from greater lifestyle support and education to improve glycaemic control 

  • Smartphone user / technology literate and owns a recent model iPhone (iPhone 7 or later) or Android phone

  • Interested in SugoSure and motivated to use SugoSure to improve their glycaemic control

The SugoSure Patient Leaflet

Patient Leaflet outside
Patient Leaflet inside