How SugoSure Works

Wiring diagram

SugoSure connects patients with their doctor and health coach through the ConnectedHealth Clinical Data Platform which links patient-recorded measures and a diabetes electronic medical record.

Its algorithms enable coordinated clinical and lifestyle management with remote monitoring.

Patients are supported and motivated through the app while their care team can address problems earlier and more effectively than ever before.

The following exhibits are based on fictitious data and are for illustrative purposes only.  Their purpose is to demonstrate the functioning and reporting of SugoSure and are not related to any patient or physician who has used SugoSure.

How a Patient uses the SugoSure Patient App

  • Feedback, reminders and alerts through the app

  • Support, motivation and guidance from a dedicated health coach

How SS Works Patient

Sample Patient App Screenshots

2 week indicators
Patient Diary
HC messaging
SugoBot sample message 2

How a Physician uses the SugoSure Physician Portal

  • Closer monitoring and earlier problem resolution

  • An easy-to-use diabetes electronic medical record

  • Automated alerts based on best clinical practice algorithms

  • Full 3-monthly reporting and charting of glycaemic control
Screenshot 2020-08-26 at 2.29. AM 1

Sample Physician Portal Screenshots

Patient Review Screen 1
Phys Portal Pt Review Screen 1
Patient Review Screen 2
Phys Portal Pt Review Screen 2

3 Month Patient Summary Report Format

Sample 3M Summary 1
Sample 3M Summary 2
Sample 3M Summary 3

How a Health Coach uses the SugoSure Health Coach Portal

  • Health coaches are nursing-registered and provided by ConnectedHealth

  • All coaches have experience in chronic disease management

  • No recruitment and training overhead costs to physicians

How SS Works Health Coach

Sample Health Coach Portal Screenshot

HC Portal no frame