Become a SugoSure Doctor


Deliver better care to your diabetic patients

Build your practice in an area of need

No extra overhead or startup costs

A Partnership with Physicians

SugoSure is delivered in partnership with SugoSure-affiliated physicians.  ConnectedHealth aims to improve care delivery in a way which also enhances the practice of those physicians who affiliate with us.

Under the SugoSure's partnership model, ConnectedHealth provides digital health support and personal health coaching to patients through the Patient App and Health Coach Teleconsults.

Physicians provide clinical care to SugoSure patients with consultations supplemented by SugoSure Remote Reviews for remote monitoring.  This is enabled by the Physician Web Portal which acts as a diabetes electronic medical record with built-in clinical decision support tools.

Physicians continue to bill for consultations and medications as currently and will receive a small monthly per patient monitoring fee from ConnectedHealth to cover the cost of their time spent on Remote Reviews (which are quick and efficient due to SugoSure's design).  The cost of SugoSure is billed by ConnectedHealth to the patient and includes digital health support and health coaching.

The result...

Your diabetic patients receive the support and motivation they need to improve self management in a way which requires no additional overhead for you

You are supported by a powerful tool which helps you to improve the care you deliver in an easy-to-use way which fits your workflow.

How SugoSure Affiliation Works


SugoSure is only available through SugoSure-affiliated physicians

A physician becomes SugoSure-affiliated upon signing an affiliation agreement with ConnectedHealth and completing a short online user training course.

Your clinic is then listed in SugoSure marketing materials and you recommend SugoSure to your existing patients where indicated.

Your patients will gain the additional support they may need and you will also benefit from association with an innovative new approach to diabetes care.

SugoSure’s digital health service with health coaching is paid for by the patient in 3-monthly subscription blocks, estimated price $30-40 per month billed by ConnectedHealth.

This provides access to the SugoSure app, health coaching and patient support/education.  Patient consent and registration are handled by ConnectedHealth.

SugoSure-affiliated physicians continue to bill patients or their insurers for consultations and medication.  They will also receive a monthly per patient monitoring fee from ConnectedHealth.

For PCNs

In addition to supporting individual doctors and patients, SugoSure aims to support the objectives of PCNs through a variety of patient-facing and supporting services as outlined in the diagram below.

Health coaching can be provided by ConnectedHealth or the PCN's own team of nurses using the SugoSure Health Coach Portal.

If you are a PCN lead, ask us for more information.

Partnership Model with Physicians and PCNs